Services we offer

We will help you in your historical and genealogical research.

If your family's roots are from Russia or Ukraine and you would like to know more about your ancestors — we can help you.
We can help you find historical facts concerning your family, specific places or times.
If you are interested in the history of your family or any other family we can help you in the following way:

— locating archival records on specific individuals that interest you;
— finding all available documents in the Government Archives of Odessa region on the family that interests you;
— researching the documents in the Russian Government Historical Archive located in Saint Petersburg;
— locating any information, mentioning  in libraries and other sources;
— creating an ancestral genealogical tree. Samples of this work you can find on this page.

herb Junosza

If you are interested in the history of a specific house in the city of Odessa (which maybe belonged to your family long time ago) — from architectural project to the history of the owners on the basis of archival and other facts, we can compile the most comprehensive information about it that can be located in acsessable and not too acessable sourses. Samples of this work you can find on this page or other pages of our site dedicated to the history of Odessa.

If you know that your family owned some manor house, “dacha” somewhere in former Hersonsky, Kievsky, Podolsky and Ekaterininski gubernias – we can find it for you, we can go searching what remains there, make a photos of it for you, and find any mention of it in various archival sources. 
Or if you want to see former property of your family yourself we can help you in organizing the trip and be your guide here.With respect 

Sergey Kotelko

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